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Venice Louisiana Fishing Reports


July 7, 2008

The offshore fishing remains outstanding. Tuna, Wahoo, and Dolphin have been plentiful. The Yellowfin tuna fishing is about as good as it gets. Closer to shore the red snapper just seem to keep getting thicker and thicker. We have gotten a quick limit every time we fish for them and move onto other species. The cobia as well have started to show up in good numbers, it won't be long until we can specifically target them. The A.J.'s have also remained easy to catch as long as you hit the right spot. The fishing has been good everyday since last Thursday. Capt. Josh Bodenheimer had the big fish of the week catching a 168.8lb. yellow fin with the Tim Lockhart crew. So not only are there a pile of tuna out there to catch, there are also a lot of big ones as well. The avg. size has been about 80lbs. which is more than enough for most anglers. Capt. Bob Kenney had the heaviest Bull Dolphin weighing in at 35lbs. with the Dr. Chapel gang out of Baton Rouge. On Saturday I had the Drew Holland gang out of North Alabama. I knew they were excited about the trip because I was getting a lot of phone calls from them letting me know how excited they were about coming down, I think it was their way of letting me know their expectations were high and the pressure is on. We started out our morning Snapper Jerking and we easily put a four man limit in the boat with the largetst snapper going about 10lbs. We then took off to the tuna hole and upon pulling up I could see them busting the surface and they were all good sized fish. I told the guys O.K. lets see what you got. I put the lines out and almost immediately had a huge bust on the long bait. The drag was ripping out, we got the rod set in the belt, I turned around for a moment and just like that the fish was off. We reeled the line back up and the line broke off in the middle of the splice. I though I had my first mono-slip from inside the Jerry Brown but the line had actually broken off inside, so it wasn't a slip, just a bad spot in the line. We got the second line out and almost just as fast got another one on, this one stayed hooked and we put about a 50lber. in the boat. For the rest of the day the fishing remained steady until the end when we were getting doubles. For some reason we ended up with a lot less fish than we had hooked for the day but it happens. At one point we had Yellowfin , Blackfin, and Bull Dolphin eating aggresively right next to the boat. All you had to do was put the bait in the water. It was one of the most exciting days I have had in a while and this is what makes the offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico one of the best fisheries in the World. The fishing is as consistent as ever. All of the spots are starting to fill up with fish instead which is making our decisions in the morning a lot easier on us. July is usually one of the best months to get offshore and the weather is usually slick calm. We've got open days in July and August.


June 30th, 2008

The offshore fishing has indeed been very good lately. We have had some great weather giving us calm seas but we are having the occasional afternoon thunderstorm that will force you to change directions every now and then. Capt. Bob, Capt. Josh, and myself have been out a lot and we have all had some very good days. The tuna bite remains good. They have been a little finicky and what it has been coming down to is timing. Right place-Right Time. Snapper and Amberjack are about as consitent as you can hope for. These two species are very abundant right now and there has not been one day that we have not caught a limit of snapper and only a couple days falling short by 1 or 2 on Amberjack. Cobia are starting to make a good showing. We now have that to look forward to as we move further into summer. The dolphin bite has been fairly consistent but they have been there one day and gone the next. Unfortunately, the dolphin numbers are down from last year which was something incredible but there are enough of them to keep you busy. The highlight of the week came on Friday with the Louis Labat crew from New Orleans. We let our first bait out behind the boat and the reel immediately started screaming. Most of the tuna fish I have caught lately have been over 100lbs. so I figured it would be another good one. We had him under control for the first hour. We would take some he would take some, typical of a tuna fight. About 1 hr. and 45 minutes into the fight the fish made a giant run peeling out another 350yds. We thought we had just about had him to the boat. Wrong! At this point each angler had a turn on the rod and each of them would go until their knees started shaking and they had sweat dripping from the ends of their noses. I started to sense the guys thought they would never get him up and they were losing confidence. Now, we were on him for about 2.5 hours and a huge storm was building to our South and heading North. It was a deep purple color with lightning shooting out of it sometimes two or three bolts at a time with a lot of wind in it. I told the guys we are not going to sit here through this one and make ourselves a target for lightning. I've seen what in can do and no fish is worth what could possibly happen. With that being said and three hours into the fight, I reluctantly cranked up the drag to full. I kept squinting my eyes and turning my head waiting for the line to break but it held with luck on our side and the guys got in an enormous Yellow fin tuna which weighed in at 180.8lbs. They did a great job. I can't say enough about Momoi fishing line. I have been using it for about three years now and it is tough to beat. I had an extremely happy crew and off we ran to escape the weather. The fishing is good right now and there are plenty of different species out there to fish for. We've still got open days in July and August.


June 26, 2008

The offshore fishing has been about as steady as it gets. We have been at it since last thursday and every day has been a little different. The main catches right now are tuna, snapper, and amberjack with a few dolphin and wahoo mixed in. The tuna have really shown up in big numbers. Plenty of them. Last Saturday is the highlight of the week so far, although yesterday we did have a long fight with a big tuna. The old saying better to be lucky than good really proved its meaning. I took out the Brad Skoke crew and they easily caught their limit of snapper and fell 1 short on the A.J.'s. We then ran out to the the tuna grounds. First bait out, big tuna hits it and breaks the line. Second bait out, another big tuna and this one is hooked. Two and half hours later the guys who each took turns on the fish, reeled up a 170lb. YFT hooked in the tail. Along with him was another tuna in the same size class which immediately took off when we stuck his pal with the gaff and about a 6 foot shark which never touched the fish. Very lucky day. On Monday Capt. Bob and Myself both had rig trips we both limited on snapper and A.J.'s. Some of the the A.J.'s were 50+lbs. which we released to fight another day and kept the smaller ones for eating. The fishing is very good right now. Plenty of tuna, off and on dolphin, snapper, A.J.'s, a few wahoo, and of course possibly a shot at a billfish almost every day. Yesterday I took out the Colosino crew who wanted Tuna. We arrived at the tuna spot and it was a slow at first. We then got our first fish on and he came unbuttoned close to the boat. Second fish on just about dumped the reel. Two hours later a first time tuna angler got his first Yellow fin in the boat that weighed in right at 125lbs. We then hit the rip catching a few dolphin. Capt. Bob had the Benton crew and they fished the rip all day catching plenty of dolphin and several nice wahoo. Capt. Bob is out today so I should get a good report from him this evening. We will have all three boats out for the weekend. Should have some great reports. Back at it tomorrow. We've still got open days in July and the fishing will be excellent.

June 17th, 2008

The fishing is about as good as it gets right now. The weather has been great giving us calm seas and just a few afternoon thunderstorms to cool us off some. The Mahi-Mahi have shown up in big numbers again this year. Of course every day is different than the next with some days producing 100+lb. tuna, plenty of mahi-mahi, along with a few wahoo, the next day were having catches of bull and cow dolphin in the double digits along with a few smaller tuna. It has been a very mixed bag of not only different species but all different sizes. This is what really makes the offshore fishing exciting because your not sure what will happen next. The snapper and Amberjack bite are still wide open as well. On Wed. Capt. Josh B. and deckhand Matt took out the Augustine crew and they ended their day with four yellowfin tuna up to 90lbs., 5 bull dolphin, and a limit of red snapper. On Thursday Capt. Josh B. had the Reggie Montalaro crew and they ended their day with a handful of bull dolphin and a limit of snapper. I took out part of a crew in town with Wener Outdoor events group. They just wanted to bend a rod, but with big fish only. We headed out the tuna grounds only to find not a whole lot going on. Then out of nowhere we had about a 200lb. blue crash on a live bait while we were reeling him up. He hit about 20 yds. behind the boat and put on a great display of jumping and twisting before breaking the line. Our next stop produced about 12 dolphin, most of them 25-30lb. bulls along with a few cows. We ended the day with a limit of A.J.'s in the 30lb. range. On Friday Capt. Josh took out the Leslie crew from Mandeville, La. and put a 120lb. and 50lb. yellowfin in the boat along with a limit of snapper. We fished Sat.-Monday with every day except Saturday producing a good catch.We've still got open days in June and July. The fishing is getting better and better as we move into summer.


June 10, 2008

The offshore fishing and summertime pattern are really starting to come together. Everything is starting to fall into place and all the different species we get this time of the year are starting to show up in the numbers we are use to. Sunday was our first day out since last Wed. due to the persistent strong southeast winds. Capt. Josh took out the Dr. Silva crew from Slidell. They had a great day going 2 for 4 on YFT, 4 dolphin, 1 big A.j. and a limit of Snapper. Yesterday I took out the Dr. Zimmer gang from New Orleans. Weather was good, but still a little bumpy in the morning which slowed our day down some. First stop resulted in two dolphin. 1 nice cow and a smaller cow. Second stop, lines out, double on. 1 40lb. yellow fin and 1 shark. At this point we had tuna busting so I figured we were getting ready to wear the tuna out. But the dolphin showed up and we couldn't keep them off the lines. This is a good problem to have and we ended up catching a mix of nice bulls and cows. About mid-afternoon Dr. Zimmer casted out a plug and hooked up a nice 48lb. bull which was the largest of the day. We headed north, caught a limit of snapper which was fast and easy, and called it a day. The fish are here it will only get better as we go. We still have some open days in June and July. Back at it tomorrow.


June 2, 2008

This past week and weekend was a good one. We caught a little bit of everything but the only species that remains very consistent are the A.J.'s. The weather was about as good as it gets but we are having some strong currents offshore that still had it a little bumpy despite barely having any wind. On Friday Capt. Bob had the Chris Wallen crew, this is their second trip back and once again had a good catch. They easily caught their limit of A.J.'s, 1 small wahoo, two yellow fin tuna, and 1 blackfin tuna. On Saturday Capt. Bob had the Pitman crew from Mississippi. The fishing started out somewhat slow. Tuna was the main target and after having one pull off which was caused by a straightened mustad circle hook(it happens some times), a handful of sharks, and about 10 rainbow runners the crew called for a change of species and they went in search of Grouper and A.J.'s. Of course the A.J.'s cooperated and they got their limit. I took out the Folse crew from Lafayette. We got an early start but our bait catching took a lot longer than expected. It took us about two hours to catch what we needed and about 20 minutes to catch a limit of A.J.'s (6). The amberjack were smaller than what we have been catching but still good sized. We headed South and came across a good rip line that was holding a lot of sargassum and had a good color change from dirty green to blue. We caught two dolphin off of it, 1 was a a small bull and the other was a chicken. The rip was not producing so we headed out to the tuna grounds. First stop, shark city. Second stop, plent of tuna around us, most of them were in the 50lb. range but they were being very finicky. We finally got one on and the guys put him in the boat, 80lber. 20 minutes later. Capt. Bob took out the Easterling crew from Shreveport yesterday for opening day of Snapper season and they easily got their limit plus some mangroves. The fishing is definitely getting right. There are plenty of opportunities for a variety of species. We've still got some open days left this months and a couple of Sundays are still available.


May 26th, 2008

We managed to get out again the past several days although the weather still has just not been that cooperative. Mahi Mahi are starting to show up, looking back from last year this upcoming weekend was the beginning of an absolutely incredible Mahi bite and lasted thru July, with the bite being the best in June, it should be the same way again this year. Tuna are out there but sharks have been a bit of a problem, we have had a lot of trouble getting past them, then when we do get past the sharks and hook a tuna, the sharks terrorize them all the way up, causing them to make explosive runs and fighting much harder than they normally would. But, if the sharks knock the tail off, it is easy reeling and straight to the boat. Not everywhere that we've been fishing has a shark problem but a good percentage of the closer in areas do. It is not unusual for this time of the year and as the temps. warm up more they will start moving back along the coastal areas. Amberjack have been a huge part of the fishing lately. Although we don't target A.J.'s that often, lately they have been so plentiful we have been making a quick stop and getting a limit very easy. Snapper season opens this Sunday, so now on top of A.J.s, tuna, and dolphin, you've got another species to add to the box. Snapper fishing will be easy pickens. Most of the caught and released snapper over the past few weeks have been averaging about 10lbs. with a few going over 15lbs. This is in areas that aren't known for holding the bigger snapper so I can't wait to get to the areas we would normally catch the big sows. Our report starts for this past Thurs. (Bad Weather), On Friday (Bad Weather), Finally on Saturday we got out and didn't have to cancel at the dock or come back in early. Capt. Bob K. had the Lear group down from Baton Rouge. They wanted to target tuna. After hitting several stops they finally found them late in the afternoon. At one point Capt. Bob said he had four next to the boat. They hooked one and after a five minute fight the hook pulled. Out of nowhere three dolphin swam up next to the boat they hooked all three and landed all three. Two 20lb. Cows and 1 25lb. Bull. After that the tuna disappeared and that was it for the day. I had the Givens crew and they just wanted to bend a rod. The seas were much rougher than forecasted so they decided to stay in close, with one member already sea-sick and 1 more on the way. They easily got a limit of A.J.'s and then we tried for grouper. No grouper, snapper were too thick. Couldn't get passed them. On Sunday Capt. Bob had the Lowe group, they stayed close and caught beeliners and Jacks. Capt. Josh's group went for tuna, the sharks ate them alive so they went and filled the box with A.J.'s as well. Capt. Bob is out today so I should get a report this evening. We have open days for this week and the first week of June, along with a few Sundays. For those interested in getting out and more than likely having one of the best offshore fishing trips you've ever been on this is the best time to go.


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